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A romantic experience with your sex doll

Sex doll are not all about meaningless sex. They may not have feelings, and only respond to sexual stimuli because that’s how they’re made, but that shouldn’t limit you to other experiences. You could turn a simple sex doll into a girlfriend experience. Invest in romancing the doll before sex, and in the process romance yourself. It may help you understand how to be with a real partner when you eventually get one. Start with the basic dinner date; get some wine or a lot of wine if you like. Get dressed up and have a private dinner with your doll. Put on some slow jams and indulge in some quiet romance. Once you are overcome with romantic lust, guide your doll to the bedroom and begin to undress them. Keep the mood intense with some dim candle lights and music.

Take pleasure in delayed gratification. Undress yourself and the doll slowly before you begin. While you may not have the luxury of taking the doll into a bathtub with you, try innovative alterative like massages. Caress your doll until you can’t take the foreplay anymore. This might be a sex doll guide for a romantic experience with your doll, but don’t let your desires lead you to make poor choices that may damage your sex doll. Once you’re ready to start, go slow until the tension starts to built everywhere. Then you can start with intense movements. Remember you’re not only trying to pleasure yourself, but your doll as well. After you reach your climax, pull your doll close to you and cuddle for a while. You can talk to your girlfriend doll about your inner thoughts and secrets without the fear of being judged or rejected. Now that you’re through with your romantic experience, clean your sex doll and put her away or take her to bed with you for some spooning.