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Basic sex toy cleaning rules

Your sex toys will last you for several years if you take care of them and carry out a proper maintenance routine. One great way to keep the toys looking great and performing like they did the first time you got them is by cleaning them regularly. You can do this before and after you use them. Generally, there are two main simple ways you can clean your toys; the traditional method requires you to wash the toy in warm water with soap, rinse it off and then dry it out with a clean towel. This method is simple and easy and will not take most of your time. The effectiveness of this method will depend on your cleaning ability; too much scrubbing may ruin the material, smoothness or shape of the toy. The easy and more modern method requires you to spray the toy with a toy cleaner and rinsing it off, some people use wipes to wipe it off.

As you well know, sex toys come in many materials which means the cleaning methods may be different for certain groups of toys. If you are new to the sex toy world, you can check the different materials on dildos and vibrators and get more information from friendly hostility. Basically, toys that are made from flexible materials will not work well with detergent and strong soaps. A mild facial soap will clean them just as nice. Materials like plastic and other hard materials can handle detergent. Ensure you use a lint- free towel or cloth while wiping the toys and store them in a special and confined area. Plastic, latex, jelly, and rubber can do with a simple wash while silicone glass, metal and other non vibrating toys can be thrown into a warm dishwasher and dried with a towel. For anal toys, you should always clean them separately and use antibacterial soap to prevent any medical issues in your reproductive organs.