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Domination and submission games you should play

There are many domination and submission games you can play with you partner depending on their moods and what they like. Before you do anything with your partner it is better to learn what the two acts mean to them and how far they are willing to take it.  There is no better way to go about it than to follow each other’s suggestions and keep some boundaries of safe words. One of the easiest ways you can play with them is to spend your entire day catering to each other. Create domination and submissive characters that you can follow through the entire evening with.  The submissive partner should engage in activities that please the dominant one. Another simple game you can play when you are just easing your way into this kind of sexual life is the slave training. Here, the dominatrix sets some rules that the submissive partner has to follow. The submissive partner must follow instructions and they cannot do anything out of will.

You can spice things up by proving your devotion! Here, the submissive partner creates a list of things they are willing to do for their dominant partner. This is a great way to prove your subservience, create some boundaries and also show the length of devotion you have. Getting a punishment is important in this kind of relationship. It is fun, and one of the most effective ways to cement the relationship. Before you start, make a list of all the punishment your partner will get for every mistake they make; this will make the games even spicier. Playing a ballbusting game can be fun for you and your partner; it is a great way to put the female in charge in that situations. Setting up conditional rewards will get your partner to do whatever you like (that is within the boundaries). Pick out the rewards before the games to make sure everyone is included.