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How to clean your inflatable doll

Sometimes, we forget that having a doll is more than just the pleasure. They usually come in a cardboard box, make sure you take them out without any scissors to avoid destroying them. Ensure you use and electric compressor to inflate the doll and avoid over inflation. Leave some space for a little strain. Before you use it, ensue you clean it nicely to remove any dirt and residue of the doll during the process of manufacturing. While using it normally, go for water based lubricants instead of oil based because they are much easier to clean. You can reduce the cleaning time by using a condom with your sex toy. Because most condoms have oily lubricants, you can use plain condoms instead and apply your water based lubricant. Sex dolls should be cleaned twice, before you use them and after use. It is very easy to clean your doll while it is still inflated.

You can clean it by rubbing it gently with anti bacteria meant for a sex toy or just any other liquid and soap with anti-bacterial properties. Do not use any rough clothes to clean the doll as that could damage the material. After the wipe, rinse with warm water, pat it dry with a clean towel and deflate it. The love tunnels on your on your blow out doll needs a thorough cleaning. Once you deflate the doll, you should soak it in warm water mixed with anti-bacterial soap. Make sure it dries up before you store it to avoid bacteria and mildew growth. Make sure the hair is protected from mold and mildew to avoid tangling. Remember, the cyberskin is made from delicate material so you should be careful while you are cleaning the parts. Also, make sure the towel you are using to pat dry the cyberskin is clean and made of cotton material.